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A quarter tone adjustable VSTi Zourna. Incoming search terms:folk piano vstethnic instruments vst freevst instruments mac free zurnazourna vstvst фолкbest flute and ethnic drums plugin for fl studiofolk percussion vst downloadethnic drum vst freedownload ethnic vstzurna sf2

World StringZ

8 world string instruments: Celtic harp, Cumbus, Dobro, Kanun, Koto, Dulcimer, Tar, Turkish oud. Velocity response. Amp. envelope and micro-detuner. HP/LP Filter. Midi automation.

Varazuvi Indian Flute

Varazuvi Indian Flute features real recordings of an Indian Flute captured in high resolution for a fuller and more dynamic experience. You have complete control over parameters such as attack, decay, sustain, release. volume and reverb in


Ukulele is a Hawaiian guitar. Incoming search terms:vst ukuleleUkulele vst for fruity loop 12ukulele vst fl studioukulele presets for FLUkulele for FL Free downloadukulele FL Preset downloadukule download for fl studio in freeukelele vst plugins fl studiofree

Thumb Piano

It is a Thumb Piano, aka Mbira and originates from Africa. I used a photo of the actual instrument I have, recorded and edited the actual notes to use with the vsti. I have added some sound


Syntar is a VST instrument designed to fulfill your every sitar sound requirement. For best results play with droning continous bass notes and a higher melody line. Built in soft distortion, delay and flanger effects make it

SIKA Oriental Scale

8 sampled instruments Oud Accordion Kannon Alto sax Duluk Nay Trumpet Violins arc Easy and fast way to change scales with the ability to record scale changes a simple effect processor included .


Oud Sound with Quarter Tone Control. Incoming search terms:oud vst instrumentoud for fl studiooud vstскачать vst oud бесплатно


A Heart breaking Organ with Quarter Tones. Incoming search terms:free organic instruments


Ocarina is a dual voice ocarina wind instrument. Incoming search terms:ocarina vst fl studioatmos fl studio plugins download