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Drum Drone free web-based random drum loop generator

Drum Drone is a free web-based random drum loop generator. Visit drumdrone.com to use. Want to create or generate your own drum samples? do not want to download or install any plugin? then this is the best

Serpo Multi Virtual Instruments VST

Serpo is an extremely simple to use virtual instrument packed with original sounds recorded by artist from all over the world. Explore Vocals from Sri Lanka, Violin from Morocco, Vichitra Veena from Italy, Stressed Chip Sounds from

BeatSkillz Beatfactory Drums – Free Drum Plugin for Mac & Win VST & AU

Beatskillz has released Beatfactory Drums, a free Drum Kit Plugin for Mac OS X and Windows (32- & 64-bit versions). The UI is simple and straightforward featuring a volume fader and a pan knob for each of

SL Drums 1.0.1 free sample based virtual drum machine

SL Drums is a free sample based virtual drum machine, available as a 32-bit and 64-bit VST/AU plugin for Windows and Mac OS based digital audio workstations. Features SL Drums 1.0.1 free sample based virtual drum machine 30

Varazuvi Bongos

Varazuvi Bongos features real recordings of the bongo drumcaptured in high resolution for a fuller and more dynamic experience. You have complete control over parameters such as attack, decay, sustain, release. volume and reverb in order to


Utopia creates classic analog hihat and cymbal timbres. Complete documentation 16 presets are included.

Sonatina Xylophone

Sonatina Xylophone is a sampledxylophone from the Sonatina Orchestra public domain library.

Thai Gongs

Thai Gongs is a sampledtraditional chromatic gong setfrom Thailand. It contains 39 stereo 24 bit samples from the University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios public domain library. 3 velocity layers. Release time control. Amplitude dynamic range. Master

Techno Percussion VSTi

Techno Percussion VSTi  have512 percussion  sounds from various drum machines & keyboards. You have possibility to filter high frequency of any bank and to mix sounds together to create percussion sound you want. Good for techno, tech-house,


Takim is a Middle Eastern DrumModule.