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PDS Pro Drum Synth

PDS Pro Drum Synth is a realistic simulation of a vintageanalogue drum pad synth. PDS Pro Drum Synth PDS_Drum.zip VCO1 Section: Frequency control Selector for Square / Noise / Ring VCF Section: Frequency control Selector for Low


Papaya is a physically modelled mallet synthesizer. It features a nice chorus module, and does a very good job of simulating steel drums, and other carribean type percussion. Papaya papaya.zip


PACE is a tuned percussion. Tuned percussion instruments are really needed in orchestra music. Tuned percussion instruments in the orchestra enhances and beautify the music. The sound of tuned percussion tubes is really unforgettable. When it comes

Orch Hit VSTi

Softrave presents Orch Hit VSTi 1.0 This virtual instrument have 70 orch hits  sounds from various drum machines & keyboards. You can mix orch hits and stabs in proportions and tune them and filter them individually to


Minerva is a granular generator for greating percussive sounds. There are 80 source wavelets for each channel. each channel has a separate granular processor with pitch, size and rate paramters as well as random adjustors. finally a


Mass VSTi is a percussion synthesizer that use mass-spring models to produce realistic dynamic and timbral effects. Boundary conditions imposed upon the movement of a multi-order mass-spring create complex timbres that evoke common modes of vibration in

Latin Set

Latin Set is a 16 samples latin percussions kit recorded from the Roland TR707 and TR505 drum machines. Latin Set Latin_Set.zip LP filter. Distortion. Chorus. Synch delay. Incoming search terms:latin kit vstlatin vst freehttps://yandex ru/clck/jsredir?from=yandex ru;search;web;;&text=&etext=1823 KeXNAvpIU4Ep27sbEHkmgVWr17bsxhIls4dE0cbisXVyU-gByjs11VwXTqYh-pqF

Kettle Drum

Kettle Drum is a timpaniorchestral percussion. Incoming search terms:kettle drum 64-bit vst


Ironhead is a multi-part percussion synth designed to create synthetic junk percussion sounds. Ironhead has been designed to provide sounds that will likely be different from the other percussion sources you have – increasing the chances of

Hand Crash

Hand Crash is a set of 5 sampledorchestral cymbals. It contains 10 stereo samples from the University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios public domain library. Hand Crash Hand-Crash_MacAU.zip Hand-Crash_MacVST.zip Hand-Crash_Win32.zip Hand-Crash_Win64.zip 5 orchestral crash cymbals. Stereo 24