Ambient Archive

Atonoise 2

Atonoise 2 is an atonal synthesizer designed for SciFi and others alike sounds. Atonoise 2 is a widely enhanced version of prior Atonoise and is basically built around the modified Mystify processors of the Avatar ST VSTi

Astralis Baby Bion

Baby Bion is lightweight Synth using the Oscillator from the forthcoming Astralis Bion. It was designed primarily with SoundScaper in mind, the free FX plugin from hgsounds which can create Complex Undulating Collages. Baby Bion adds a

ART Pyrite free

ART Pyrite free is a powerfull atmospheric synthesizer. ART Pyrite free offers a wide spectrum of miscellaneous sounds, suitable for all music styles including NewAge and Movie Music. It creates unique variable Atmospheres, Soundscapes, Pads, Textures, Ambient, Sound

Apad 4.5

An analog pad synth. Apad 4.5 3 oscilators,detune,oscilator volumes,octave settings,phasemod 3 adsrs 1 per oscilator,adsr filter:lowpass bandpass hipass flanger bmp panner,bpm delay 2 filter effects bmp of free,glide,retigger mono mode,+103 presetsadsr for volume and velocity

Altair 4

Altair 4 – The SciFi Sounds Lab is best suited for creating soundtracks for movies or games in the genres of SciFi, Suspense, Horror, Fantasy and similar, that need special, spacey, wobbly FX sounds. It can do

AlioNoctis Pro

AlioNoctis produces ambient textures and sounds. In fact this VSTi synthesizer by HG Fortune goes soundwise beyond all the aforementioned ones. So you can expect what’s typical for most of HG Fortune synths: Vivid athmos, textures, pads


Alieno is a hybrid synthesizer. Its SCI-FI styled, object-oriented environment allows the user to mix-up different synthesizing techniques and develop powerful and articulated voices. The synthesizer is equipped with advanced internal modulation and external MIDI control, built-in

Alien Space Weaver Pro

Alien Space Weaver is especially made for spacey or dark athmospheric , backgrounds and FX sounds. One oscillator contains 75 very special samples i.e. fairly long ones being created from various images providing very spacey sounds from

Alien Space Weaver

Alien Space Weaver is a synth especially made for spacey, deep or dark atmospheric backgrounds, soundscapes and FX sounds. It features 2 PCM wave oscillators. Oscillator 2 uses waveforms created from images – it contains 75 special

Alien Artifact

Alien Artifact is a VST synth intended to inspire raw sonic creativity. What does it sound like? What does it do? What happens when I press those alien keypads and move those green spheres? Alien Artifact