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M-Box is a virtual music box. Choice of different Music Box sounds Vibrato Section Bass Control Treble Control EQ Velocity Control Reverb Effect Tune Control Octave Select Velocity Control Envelope Section Midi Learn


Keywriter reproduce the sounds of a German typewriter «Erika». Can be used as a unusual rhythm machine, and as a tool for special effects. Full range of typewriter sounds Stereo control Drive contorl Low CPU usage

Harsh Digital Nose

Harsh Digital Nose converts 2 images into 2 oscillator waveforms and then mixes them in various horrible ways. You can drag and drop images or draw them on the plugin in real time. There are two image-based

Harmony Box

Harmony Box is a synthesizer that has the rules of modal jazz built-in. You press a key, it plays the right chord. You just pick the key and the mode. An alias-free oscillator drives a self-oscillating filter

Harmonic Explore

The Harmonic Explorer is a tool that enables the user to explore how sound can be constructed by adding over-tones and demonstrate the fundamentals of Additive synthesis.


The friction algorithm is combined with a 2nd order mass-spring and two waveguide resonances for flexible emulative application. Presets include squealing tires, squeaky hinges and axles, ww2 bombs, swingsets, etc.


field is a multisample based ambience generator. using original field recordings. field allows you to generate suitable backing ambience for any track.


Fauna produces natural and synthetic animal vocalizations using waveguide modeling techniques. An extensive set of modulators make Fauna a versatile new generation synthesizer. Pitch and timbre can be controlled by traditional methods, or as a function of

Electro Bass Landscapes

Electro Bass Landscapes is the electro bass ROM synthesizer. It is intended for creating some musical effects in cinema and play scoring, in studio. It’s ideal for use in dance, techno, dubstep, electronica, drum n bass, big beat,

easy-joy o1

Easy-joy o1 is a joystick controlled synth. 4 Osci-synth with multifilter joy-mixer joy-adsr and much more … 6 variable Gui-colors