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VSTron is well suited to create special FX sounds. VSTron is an effective and fun VST unit that is capable of producing different kinds of effects such as: Laser sounds Fast LFO’s Ascending/Descending  Sweeps Filtered madness Bubbling Bleeps

VST Speek

VST Speek is a speech software synthesizer: it reads the text you type in the text field. It emulates the Software Automatic Mouth (SAM) software for Commode 64 and can be used to get robotic voice. This


Vocov2 is a VSTi Vocoder, internal 2OSC synth can be used for carrier. CARRIER Section fromCapture: use signal from VOCOVCapture as a carrier. shold select CH (1-4) according to VOCOVCapture setting StereoCarrier: will affect only if you


Voc one is a smart choirs synthesizer. Sampled choirs are not versatile and many vocal synthesize concentrate so hard on trying to sing a lyric that they forget to carry a tune. Voc one is different, using

Virtual Machine

Virtual Machine is a commuted synthesis model for emulating engines and other cyclic mechanical sounds. Virtual Machine Incoming search terms:radio5ya


V-Koder is a free sample based synth instrument, originally recorded, designed and edited by DCSI, bringing you 3 vocoded, nonsense, short voices. The soundsets included in this VST are spread in 3 octaves and available as follows:


Vst Plugin to make viking style music. Thundergod Easy Sound Control Integrated effects Poly synth


Thunder uses a combination of filtered delay networks and subtractive synthesis to emulate the transmission of sound between earth and sky. Incoming search terms:shehnai vst pluginshehnai vst plugin free downloadshehnai vstshehnai vst instrumentshehnai vsttorrent

Throat Singing

Throat singing is a type of overtone singing in which a singer manipulates the harmonic resonances created as air travels from the lungs, past the vocal folds, and out the lips. Tone selection (various Kargyraa and Khoomei) Pitch

The Shepherd

Kill Bill has a tune in its soundtrack by Ennio Morricone featuring a haunting and evocative whistling. This ‘mini-synth’ is designed solely to re-create that sound – just add reverb. This shepherd likes to whistle while he