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rancorSynth is a free software synthesizer that offers a streamlined interface for quick sound synthesis. It combines the most common modules many expert sound designers use in a very compact manner. This allows you to have many


Rain is a low CPU emulation using subtractive synthesis. Rain

Radio Fx

Radio Fx is a radio tuner simulator. Place up to 8 wav samples and turn the tuner knob to hear them play one after the other, simulating the transition between channels. Radio Fx Incoming search terms:industry7x9https://yandex

Radio Active

This synthesizer primarily for creating radio style frequency cycling noise and `glitchscapes`. Glitching and harsh digital distortion noises of the type used in Glitch production are actually rather difficult to generate on demand (but of course rather


This synth produce dirty radiolike pulsating sounds syncronised to BPM. Good for idm, cut`n`click, noise and industrial. Radio Incoming search terms:voyagecfodog51hkey3w6lionyclliquidtl7


Piky is a 2 oscillator synthesizer. It’s a simple instrument based on the creation of pikes and plucks with extreme ease. Piky Incoming search terms:download piky vst plugings

Oscine Tract

Oscine Tract VST models the songbird vocal tract, also known as the syrinx. Incoming search terms:oscine tract


NoiseWork (beta) Noisy & Dirty Synth. ASSIGNED CC# : NoiseWork 001 MOD. WHEEL 005 PORTAMENTO 007 MAIN VOLUME 009 MAIN BRIGTH 010 MAIN PAN 013 VCF1 CUT 014 VCF1 RES 015 VCF1 D/W 040 VCO1 VOL


Noisemo is an unusual and noisy little synth. Each wavecycle is produced by retriggering a noise generator, producing an arbitrary, harmonically rich timbre. Auto-crossfading is applied to the two oscillators to create smooth evolving textures similar to


Neurobot is a very simple bass synthesizer. This plugin is designed on phase distortion oscillation, counts with Amp Envelope, Modulation Envelope and Filter Envelope. Simple based waveforms like Square, Saw, Pulse and Saw-Pulse are the core of