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TechSynth PRO

Steps sequencer synthesiser. TechSynth PRO 2 Osc with 5 waveforms. Amp. envelope and detune control. Advanced filter with ADSR and LFO. Delay filter. Pitch / poly control. +60 patches. Velocity response. 32 steps sequencer.


TB4 is a very simple arpeggiator synth. TB4

Tb unknown

A funny bassline synth.

T-Rex Bass

T.Rex Bass is a  bass synth featuring an arpeggiator and a step LFO. Incoming search terms:bloodc5y


Syntler is a groove and arpeggio synth, playable with a joystick. Move the joystik and play the virtual keybord or MIDI. MIDI keys 36 – 47. Key velosity (0 – 63) – minor, (64 – 127) –


Modelled on the Clavia Nord Lead 2 Red Synth. Synth1 2 Oscillators. FM modulation. Ring modulation. Sync,modulation envelope. 4 types of filters. Distortion. 2 LFO synchronized with host. Arpeggiator. Tempo delay. Stereo chorus/flanger.


Supertron generates arpeggios and sequences typical of the 70 and 80, Dance, Trance, percussion, etc.. It also generates analog strings and other retro sounds. Its Step Modulator has 4 “scenes” that work as quick sub-presets, useful for


A dual hybrid synth with a unique arpeggiation sequencer. An arpeggiation sequencer synth split into 2 sections for crossfading with feedback modulation. Independant filter and amp envelopes for both sections. Subconscious has 2 different onboard sequencers, a


Sub is a bassline step sequencer. Sub Oscillator with fine and phase setup Visual ADSR Amp 5 types of Cutoff filter 16 Steps Step Sequencer fully controllable by MIDI events with adjustment for 2 octaves each


Silkworm is an easy to use SuperSaw style analogue synth with built in gate sequencer and delay unit, plus powerful filter, modulation and dynamic controls. Silkworm Choose from sine, saw, ramp, triangle and pulse waveforms. Control