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Seeq One

Seeq One uses 5 sequencers to shape the sounds. Seeq One 1 sequencer is for “Notes and Octaves” but can also be used for filter, Pulse Width, resonance or Phase modulation. 2 sequencers are used as


Screamer is a little synthesizer that resembles a legendary TB-303 in sound and features. A rather simple sound generation (VCO), a lowpass filter (VCF) and envelope decay control (VCA), together with a 16-step sequencer are the basis

Saturn V

Saturn V is an analog style synth. It features multiple oscillators. Each and every function can be midi mapped which is useful for live use. The X-Y pad can be mapped to various functions through the matrix


Samurai is a true additive synthesizer. Each OSC makes use of a bank of 50 individual sinusoidal oscillators with each mathematically tuned to produce the harmonic series precisely Samurai Dual 50-partial Oscillators with Harmonic Preservation Algorithms.


An S3 mono synth with a whole load of attitude. Complete with 64 excellent patches from himalaya, S3K attempts to fuse retro sounds with a hard modern edge. For the best effect make sure that you use


Rez is a seemingly basic monosynth, but it’s capable of a very wide range of sounds. While Rez has a bunch of cool features, the beating heart of Rez is its filter. It’s made from multiple chained


Radium is a VST synthesizers. Radium 16 voices polyphonic Substractive / FM 2 operators synth MIDI learn implementation Comfortable XY Pad Auto Pan…


The Pure-Pten Synthesizer is a virtual analog synthesizer (mono free version). FM, SYNC and RING modulation in connection with the super wave oscillator gives you that phat sound. 2 x modulations matrixes, a 12/24dB multimode filter and

PsYbAsSyX Free

PsYbAsSyX is made for instantaneous full-on bass lines. Draw live sequences or let the synth do the job. PsYbAsSyX Free 1x multi OSC (Sine, Saw, Triangle, Square, Noise). 1x Draw Manual Mode step sequencer. 1x ADSR.


The Prodigious synthesizer is based around the design of a famous synthesizer of the past. Enhanced with a few extras that perfectly complements its original vintage character. The concept is rather simple, two oscillators that can be