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K700 is a dual synth designed to create rich texture sounds. K700 has 2 totally independent lines which can be opertated multi-timbrally, to generate a really complex sound.. Equally capable of rasping leads, lush pads or pulsating

Imago B

Imago is intended for auto-accompaniment, rhythmic pads and rhythmic basses. Imago B 3 multi-osc. 2 state variable filters. ADSRL envelope for filters. ADSR envelope for amp. Ping-pong delay. 3 level equalizer. Chorus-flanger. Big list of a


HYDi can only be described as one thing – Quirky. Based on a simple 3xOsc subtractive synth workflow, but with some twists. She has two voices – but is not duophonic, and should be played like a


Horizon combines lush stereo unison voicing with a phrase sequencer that stays in key when the sequence is transposed. This simple format makes Horizon ideal for lead sounds in dance and other styles. The oscillators are also


Galileo is a dual osc subtractive synthesizer. I used this synth in a lot of my songs for years and I’m very happy with it. I’ve decided to release it for free, maybe someone can find it


Firebird uses a unique synthesis architecture to deliver next-generation sounds. Its innovative user interface provides you with the tools to create impressive sounds with a minimal amount of effort. Featuring an impressive selection of 437 build-in sounds,


Feldspar is a tempo-based modulation synth. Feldspar 16 LFO waveform shapes. 18 Ring modulator algorithms. Tempo-synced delay with high and low pass filters in the feedback path. Simulated oscillator pitch instability for vintage analog style sounds.


EZ-poly is blessed with an 8 step analog sequencer which syncs to your hosts tempo, or can be stepped with each new note, creating some fantastic tones and note-runs.. EZ-poly comes equipped with 30 presets from the


entropy is a 3 osc subtractive synth with a set of pitch randomising options to generate melodies all on it’s own. entropy Change pitch of each oscillator on a tempo sync’d timescale to random pitch value.


Eclipsis is hybrid wavetable synthesizer with 3 oscillators each with his own frequency and subtractive modulation. Additional modulation possible with 6 LFO assignable trough modulation matrix with 9 sources and 39 modulation targets. Arp/Gate (Dynamics) module with