Wavetable Archive

Analog Galaxy

Analog Galaxy is vintage style ROM synthesis synthesizer with extended possibilites of modulation. It has 4 types of analog style sounding filters onboard and also has reverb and delay. Its good for creation of synthetic sounds –


INTRO is a stereo wavetable synth, using waforms and oscillators. Mono/polyphonic (6 voices) 4 Oscillators, 64 built-in waveforms Noise generator (white and pink) 2 Filters. Select from 1 to 8 stages Gain Compensation option for LP, HP


Hypnotic is a melody synth used for creating vibrant melodies.


Harmonaut use additive synth with 4 waveform types and 32 harmonics that can be drawn with the mouse. In the same way can be adjusted the attack, decay, sustain and release for each harmonic. Additional timbre adjustments are


GrooveBoxII is a customisable wavetable synth, featuring a 32 step sequencer. HighPowerOSC: it’s an OSC that was createt spetial for that. You have 9 Wavetables and in every of those Tables you have the same wave. With

easy-V-syn o1

Easy-V-syn o1 is a vintage wavetable synth. 4 Oscilators 2 x 34 waves 2 x 5 waves lp-bp-filter drive doubledelay Pulsemodulation


Dominator is a multi-cycle wave analysing synthesizer. Dominator can create the hardest hitting bass-lines to the most sonically clear plucks. All through its radically new method of creating wavetables: Multi-Cycle Wave Analysing synthesis. It also employs the


Wavedrawable 2 osc.  synthesizer. 2 Oscillator with 134 waveforms and wavedraw option. Sub oscillators. Advanced filters. LFO routing to filters. 2 Fx (delay & chours / flanger). Midi automation. Preset Manager. Incoming search terms:baseball22qgravity5acmixturejizonlyfndrecognizea66skinr85tentwh6

Astral Dreamer Free

Astral Dreamer is a 3 PCM wave oscillators synthesizer. There are dedicated routing options starting right at the oscillators which can be routed to one of the two filters, a flanger, or direct to the VCA. So

Anvilia Pro

Anvilia is a wavetable synthesizer. At the first glance quite simple but highly efficient for even complex soundcreations due to some versatile modulations and the Enhanced Colorizer to add some more spectral color layers. This one is