Clavestinas is a sampled clave set. clavestinas vst is a clave sound or clave sound samples used to create rhythmic music. Clave is a traditional music instrument with very acoustic or natural sounds. Digital music engineer may create clave sounds using digital signal processing to make clave samples.

If you need clave loop samples, you may do clave sound download this clavetinas vst. It works well with fl studio.

This clave set features 7 different pitched claves organized in 2 velocity layers. it contains clave beat sample ready to use. It also actually contains clave wav sample in the installation folder. 

Using this clave sound effect vst, you don’t need to have clave sample download.


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It contains 14 stereo 24 bit samples from the University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios public domain library. Each of them have been used to create another set of samples for the room ambience reverb. It serves with free clap samples within the following clave sample packs.

  • 7 claves.
  • 2 velocity layers.
  • Pan and volume controls.
  • Room ambience reverb.
  • Amplitude dynamic range.
  • Master volume.
Enjoy using this clave sample free for your beloved DAW and start making music.