A Middle Eastern Strings Module. Kaman is a middle eastern strings vst that will give you arabic instruments sounds. It contains middle eastern strings samples for your melody filling in music project. Middle eastern stringed instruments like kaman is easy to find in the real world. But I have found this middle eastern vst for you. You can download this arabic instruments vst in the download link below. But before that, you might want to know more about this middle east instruments vst.

Middle eastern string music has a typical sound. It depicts the journey in the desert and live survival in the hot desert. Thus, middle eastern instruments vst like kaman can bring you into that situation.

Kaman has a very simple design with purple color dominating the look.
It has PB range setting.

  • Attack
  • decay
  • sustain
  • release

Middle eastern vst plugins like kaman has never been easier to use, especially if you do not know arabic or middle eastern music or melody scales. This melody scale can feel really well when it is combined with middle eastern percussion vst.

Arabic musical instruments can help you when making music that needs arabian sound touch.

So, looking for arabic instruments vst download? Use this vst Kaman.

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It is available for windows. For kontakt user, you cannot use this middle east vst free. Middle eastern vst mac is not this one.

Here is the download link for Kaman middle eastern vst free.