Revitar 2: Free Vst Guitar

Revitar 2 is a guitar synthesizer and can produce a wide variety of guitar sounds and playing styles. Many audio makers seek for free acoustic guitar vst, and Revitar 2 is one of the alternatives. Other worth to try free acoustic guitar vst areĀ Free Vst Guitar DSK Acoustic

To achieve added realism and playing flexibility, Revitar employs unique guitar pick, string and body simulations. No samples are used in the entire process, so no two notes ever sound the same.

Revitar 2: Free Vst Guitar

Revitar 2: Free Vst Guitar
Revitar 2: Free Vst Guitar

The interface of Revitar may not be as interesting as other fancy acoustic guitar vst, but the sound quality of the acoustic guitar sample can lead the way. The acoustic guitar samples resemble the music of Hinduist and indian, and is more ethnical than modern. You can make your own first impression that the guitar body and the neck do look like the real instrument “sitar” as they call it. Let’s see more what this free acoustic vst guitar gives you:

  • Unique string and body simulation. Apparently there are 6 acoustic guitar body shape coming with this Revitar 2. The options for different guitar body shape is to provide music makers like creative selection of unique acoustic sounds from each of the shape. With the presence of Gain and Sympathetic knobs, you may experiment with combining both to create personally desired acoustic sound.
  • Adjustable pick shape. This is what I am interested in. This setting drives me into a conclusion that this is not a free acoustic guitar vst as it offers me a very useful functionality I do not found in other free vst plugin. It is rare! the pick position, labeled with a red dot, is positionable to create different picking sound which is further reinforced with speed and volume.
  • 48 programmable chords, using absolute and relative positions. You have power and privileges to use these chords.
  • Different playing styles – slides, hammer on / pull offs, chords, single string.
  • 6 guitar body types to choose from.
  • Fully programmable MIDI control of all knobs and sliders.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Palm, bridge, string. This part is what most guitarists want from an acoustic guitar vst. If you have ever used the default metal guitar vst plugin by fl studio, you may some time use the palm mute. As a guitarists you will always need to play and create sounds with palm mute, bridge, and open string to create acoustic environment which has to be represented with a vst plugin as you make electronic music. Apparently, not all free vst guitar plugin provide you with the three functionality, not even the acoustic one, but Revitar 2 makes them available for you. You should try.