Techno Toms VSTi

Techno Toms VSTi have 512 toms sounds from various drum machines & keyboards. This is a part of techno drum vst. Techno music has become very popular among musicians. Making techno music has becoming simpler. One of the ways is to use free techno drum vst like Techno Toms VSTi. Unfortunately, this techno drum vst only comes with Toms sounds. However, you can always mix with the other drum vsts both paid of free.

Features of Techno Toms VSTi, the techno drum vst:

You have possibility to filter high frequency of any bank and to mix sounds together to create tom sound you want Good for techno, tech-house, electro, 80`s oriented, synth pop, electroclash, house, minimal techno and other electronica styles.