inTone 2 Solo Audifex- Free VST/AU FX and Instruments Host for Live Performance

Audiffex has released inTone 2 Solo, a live FX Processor and virtual instrument host. It is a light and
June 4, 2016

Arido 3.2 Polyphonic Synthesizer

Arido is an additive synthesizer with a simple FM feature and a subtractive filter. It includes a polyphonic driver to
June 4, 2016

SuperSonico 5.0 – Virtual Analogue Synth with Harmonics Generator for Windows VST

Solcito Musica has released a powerfull free vst plugin SuperSonico 5.0, a virtual analogue synth VSTi for Windows. This free
June 4, 2016

Free Gigaverb Reverb VST Plug-in for Windows

Elements has released a very useful reverb free vst called Gigaverb, a port of an open-source digital reverberation unit. This
June 4, 2016

Darwin Arts Trilobite 1.3 – Modular Synth Evolver

Darwin Arts has announced the release of Trilobite 1.3, a Modular Synthesizer application and plugin for Mac OS X
June 3, 2016

Sweetcase Vintage Electric Piano VST AU Plugin

Sweetcase is a virtual instrument plug-in that takes your electric piano parts very easy level and realistic right in
May 20, 2016


Voc-Two allows you to create realisitc string ensemble and choir sounds without the use of samples. It includes a
February 26, 2016

The deputy Mark II

he deputy Mark II is a plug-in in the tradition of classic string machines and early polyphonic synthesizers, written
February 26, 2016


tapeworm is a mellotron-like synthesizer based on remastered versions of j.p. hovercraft’s original mellotron multisamples. tapeworm includes five voice
February 26, 2016


Tapeotronic is a mellotron tape keyboard emulation. Tapeotronic Flute, string and choirs sounds. 16 patches. Knob  for  bias
February 26, 2016