Frederikson Labs Free Volca Sample Manager VST

Here is another great vocal sample manager released by Frederikson labs. This newly updated version of the vocal sample offers several awesome features and changes. Here are what you will find with this fresh copy of the vocal sample vst:

  1. As the demand for previewing directly the sequences, Vosyr brings preview sequencer. You can see clearly any changes you made in the patterns or parameters right away in a realtime.
  2. If in the previous version of this vocal sample manager you can only convert the file into limited extension, here you can convert to WAV and AIFF files. This opportunity of course brings more benefits and ease your work. It is not just WAV and AIFF format but with 8/16/24/32 bit depth. It is done automatically to volca samples with sampling frequency especially when you put it to a sample slot.
  3. another great thing is to view the sample waveform. Thus, you can see the parameters length.
  4. flexibility to transfer the selected samples and also to delete them.
  5. To be able to manage the files well, you can now have privilege to work with memory usage and duration to a single sample slot.
  6. The appearance just got small changes especially related to the style.
  7. Work productively with the stability improvements, as well as with the performance.
  8. All minor bugs have been fixed.

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Version: 2.5.1


Mac OS X
Version: 2.5.1