SuperSonico 5.0 – Virtual Analogue Synth with Harmonics Generator for Windows VST

Solcito Musica has released a powerfull free vst pluginĀ SuperSonico 5.0, a virtual analogue synth VSTi for Windows. This free vst comes with a harmonics generator.

What’s new in Solcito:

  • Preset Manager equipped with ability to copy, paste and then restore features.
  • Eliminated audio artifacts and improved the CPU consumption when using the pitch wheel.
  • Modified bright and contrast of synth panel and help panel to achieve less tiring view.
  • Help text modified/added.
  • 100% compatible with 4.0 version.

Price: Free (standalone) / $8 (plugin).

Solcito Musica SuperSonico 5.1 Stand