U.F.O. Zone Edition

U.F.O. Zone Edition

U.F.O. Zone Edition is a subtractive synthesizer with 3 oscillators capable of many types of sounds.

U.F.O. Zone Edition

U.F.O. Zone Edition


  • 3 oscillators with 36 waveforms.
  • 2 SVF filters.
  • 2 delay, chorus and reverb FX.
  • Quick subpreset for ADSR envelope.
  • Preset randomization system.
  • Subpreset saving, loading (save OSC, filter or effects setting for use in different preset).
  • 51 presets in 5 subcategories (atmosphere, effects, pads, instruments and synths).

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  1. Missile K

    where do i download here…

    • free vst

      Hi Missile K! thank you for visiting. Here is the download link:

      copy and paste that link in the address bar and press enter. The file download will be ready soon.