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Goth Thang

Goth Thang: the spooky wav player. Goth Thang Incoming search terms:harbornss


FreeSlicer is a sample frequency slicer. It splits the sample into 4 bands and passes these to 4 output channels. FreeSlicer Incoming search terms:whalepcnableamecitizenqv6eastu53impossiblejrs


FreeDice allows you to create regions within a sample which are triggered when you press a key. FreeDice Only work with 16 bit, mono, 44.1Khz samples. Load Sample – loads sample. Sample Screen – click on


FLoscPLoSkan is a granular wave player. FLoscPLoSkan Start and End selection in the wave file + 3 types of ‘Looping’ + LFO 6 types of waveform in the LFO ADSR Amp


Ez-Sampler is a sample player that stores and plays back audio samples/recordings. In other words, it is a sampler. It was designed to make the process of sampling much easier and beginner friendly, hence the name “Ez”.


ESP1 is an enhanced soundfont player. ESP1 Independant Volume Control for Left and Right Output Velocity Selector Switch Independant Filter Section for Left and Right Output:Filter Selectors,cutoff – Resonance Level Controls Soundfont Quality Selector Portamento Section


Element VST is a loop modulating wav player which loads a single 8, 16 or 24 bit wav. element wrap mode looping (“normal looping”) with crossfade. bounce mode looping (forward-reverse). 2 crossfade modes.. fixed time (up


DrBeat is a drum sampler. 8 sample slots, each with its own filter/pan/vol/tune/direction and also, you kan set what keys you want each sample to play on by using the hi/lo arrows. and also sample satrt point,


Cyclone is a true low-level hardware emulator of the 12-bit Yamaha TX16W sampler. It simulates all the important circuits of the Yamaha TX16W, including the main 68000 CPU, the proprietary Yamaha DSP circuits, the 12-bit sample memory


Cyber is a VST sampler. Cyber 32 voice polyphony Multi-timbral. Split and layer Visual key map editor MIDI learn on org.key, low.key and up.key Low/band/highpass filter with cutoff and Q Reads standard WAV (with loop points)