Category Ambient


PAL-9000 is a noise synth, good for special FX and Sci-Fi stuff. The random sequences generated with PAL-9000 could have a very long evolving time, so the best thing is to press a key and let it sing. PAL-9000 reacts…


padawan is a hybrid synthesizer inteded for pad and ambient sound creation. The first oscialltor is analog style, while the second is based on wavetables. there are some nice modulation options, all synced to host tempo. for effects there is…


Pad1 is a simple synth, mostly for pad sounds. Pad1 is very light on CPU but still enjoyable particularly for the joystick-like controllers on the GUI affecting filter, modulation, waveform and more settings.


The basic idea behind this synth, as it’s name suggests, is to offer a wide variety of ways to create automated motion of the synth’s sound. 4 envelopes 8 LFOs three 16 step CV sequencers filtered delay module all of…


Mork is an analog-style synth that can be used to create soundtrack-type sounds. Designed for deep, low PAD’s or spacy melodies, it can also produce convincing storm-sounds. SINE/NOISE switch selects the waveform of the secund oscillator. MIX knob sets the…


Invader is a FX synth. 2 oscillators Noise generator FM mode Sync mode Ring modulation. 2 modulators 3 modulation modes h oscillators LP filter Stereo modulated delay Glide Midi CC

Gargoyle 2

Gargoyle2 is a noise maker. It is designed to appeal sound-designers or those that just like hitting notes and moving controls. Fans of the original Gargoyle synth will find this one a new “challenge”.


Inspired by a request for a vst that could be used for a Horror film Soundtrack. This synth is dedicated to its namesake. A guy whose generosity knows no bounds!! This Plug is most likely the work of the D*v*l…