Modular Archive


Analog modular synthesizer with stereo SF2 player and an additive synthesis WaveTracer to build high quality waveforms. 128 KX presets (70’s and 80’s…). Modular Synthesizer: Stereo routing All modulations are pre-connected, no cables on the GUI Skin


Kobe is a semi-modular synth. It’s limited to 3 voices due to its high resources consumption. Kobe 4 analog oscillators 2 Phase distortion oscillators 2 sample players and 2 soundfont oscillators 5 envelopes 6 multimode filters


Kamioooka is a polyphonic Full-Modular synthesizer with patch cable system. You can freely combine modules and make patches. 10 module slots and 7 types of modules (VCO/VCF/VCA/ADSR/LFO/MISC/SEQ) are available. Kamioooka VCO : Oscillator, with PWM/FM/Sync functions


Groth, Matrix synth. Designed to create different timbres with Xfade oscillators, uses a MVM simplified engine. Groth Incoming search terms:smellola

Formant Classic

The Formant Classic Freeware softsynth is a tribute to the legendary Elektor Formant DIY (Do It Your self) synthesizer of 1977/78. Formant Classic Replica+ of the Legendary Elektor Formant Semi Modular Subtracktive Synthesis concept 3xVCO, 2xVCF,


Foorius allows you to explore and combine multiple synthesis methods in a single patch. Foorius foorius.exe 16 note polyphony FM, AM, VA, Wave-sequencing and Noise Oscillators Filters including circuit modeled Analog filters Freely routable signals Built in


Crystal is a semi-modular software synthesizer featuring both subtractive synthesis and frequency modulation (FM) synthesis. Crystal Crystal-osx.dmg Over 90 parameters which may be modulated multi-stage envelopes with graphical editors extensive tempo sync of envelopes/lforates/delay times, built-in


CPS is a realtime interactive programming environment for audio, MIDI and other media & I/O. Patches are build by placing objects and making wires between them. Areas of interest are sound design, algorithmic composition, DSP, electronic/computer music

Analog Matrix

DSK Analog Matrix. Analog Matrix 2 OSC with 6 waveforms. Amp. Envelope. Octave & finetunning. Advanced pulse modulation. 2 LFO with 6 waveforms. 2 Filter (4 modes). Osc 1/2 Balance. Osc sync. Velocity response knob. OSC