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The Element of Surprise

The Element of Surprise is a fun little virtual analog polysynth that is designed to make really cool randomly generated sounds. Made for fast inspiration and experiments in spontaneous song writing, the randomizer has been carefully adjusted so that it…


Roberson Audio ultimate Theremin emulation. TerVoxSyn is Roberson Audio Synthesizer’s very own Theremin emulation. A very special filter model was designed to accurately capture the voice-like sound of a true tube-type Theremin.


Synsect uses a single sample impulse clock routed through a series of resonant filters to emulate the high frequencies produced by small insect bodies.

Super Spook Keys

Designed to re-create the sound of a Theramin. Offering control either using a MIDI keyboard or using the mouse to drag the glowing spot across the ‘chart’ for more authentic ‘Theramin’ style play. sine, sawtooth, triangle and pulse waves, plus…


SUBLIMINAL can be used for creating rich and vibrant bass sounds. It’s drawable envelopes for the amp’s and LFO’s give it great sound shaping ability. The ability to add a wetness to the bass gives it an intriguing feel. 2…


SQR-6 is a note control synth. SQR-6 has new control method. The MIDI note of ch2 -> ch6 controls the cutoff, FM depth, or others. If you don’t have the MIDI controller like a ReMOTE. ON/OFF Switch Input pan phase…

Sounds of old TV games

Sounds of old TV games is a VSTi which adds the sound and atmosphere of old tv games recordings to your tracks and mixes. The purpose of the plug-in is to add sounds typically found in old tv games. For…


Emulates classic dub siren sounds and such. 1 oscillator (sine, saw, square, tri) ADSR LFO pitch control (sin, square, square2, saw, tri, halfsine, ellipse, trisaw) 32 presets