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Based on ARP’s legendary semi-modular analog monosynth! This amazing softsynth sounds very close to the original ARP 2600. Like the original, it’s a monosynth (no polyphony). But, also like the original, it has a multitude of Frequency Modulation options which…


Alpha is a Roland Alpha Juno 1 emulation. DCO / VCA / VCF / LFO. Envelope generator. Low pass filter. High pass filter. Chorus. Poly / mono. Unison / glide.

44 S

GTG 44 S, Old skool analog six voice with a very fat sound. I made it mostly for personal use, but maybe someone likes it too. Please refer to the readme file.


1984 is a virtual analog synthesizer with basic but efficient features : 2 Oscillators with many wave forms 1 Filter section including cut off and resonance knobs 1 Enveloppe section with ADSR 2 Fx includes (echo/chorus) with sync Main level…