BootEQ mkII: free preamp plugin

BootEQ mkII is a free preamp plugin. The BootEQ mkII is an equalizer and pre-amp simulator combination which provides some nice and musical signal coloration effects. This free preamp vst gives you ease in amplifying many sound inputs including from mic. BootEQ can function as mic preamp plugin. This vst works like emulator of preamplifier for pc.

When it comes to making or composing music both analog and digital, a music maker will always concern about equalizer. Equalizer is like where the magical touch to a music takes place. Certainly, before going further to equalizer, you may recall one thing that is the pre amp. That’s right. Preamp is you first step to boos the audio quality for your music which is then you process further using equalizer for finer results. So what’s the relation with BOOT Eq MK II?

BootEQ mkII: free preamp plugin

Technically, This equalizer vst plugin simulates the real equalizer with the complete functionality of the real one. You can set and adjust the HF (High Frequency), the Frequency itself, the HMF the high and middle, and the Middle frequency, and many more related to frequency adjustments. The best thing, in my opinion, is the DRV which is the drive knob. As I am a guitarist and like distortion effect, I can rely on this equalizer for distortion.

This vst equalizer plugins has similarity with many vst equalizer 31 band as it provides you with so many knobs for setting up the audio result that meet your standard requirement of sound style. BootEQ MK II is one of the best free equalizer plugin for windows. of course many digital audio makers are waiting for the mac version too.

Are you ready to refine the sound of your music using this free vst graphic equalizer plugin?

Download BootEQ mkII and enjoy amplifying for free.