Black Noh Snare

Black Noh Snare

Black Noh Snare is a sampled snare drum with 9 velocity layers, every velocity layer has 8 random-robin samples.

This snare drum was recorded with a sm57 mic on top and a sennheiser 421 mic at the bottom. Most controls can be set independently for both microphones.

Play MIDI note D1/38 and that’s it. There are rim-shots, they get triggered by velocities of 121 and above, so don’t go painting 127s and come complaining about the clicky sound…

This particular snare model is generally relatively bright and has little low end, the +punch module will bring some serious thump into its sound.

The Silk controls let you torture the attack phase of the snare, for each microphone independently. Turn to the left for more click, turn to the right for more silk.

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