Cerebrum is a hybrid groovebox-style drum machine comprised of 5 drum synth modules, over 150 built-in drum sounds and an onboard bassline synth.

Each drum section has it’s own dual A/B sequencer for beat-matching, as well as an Auto-Mix function. Designed with live operation in mind, Cerebrum can be used for making complex beats on the fly that can be randomized, mixed, matched and manipulated in a number of ways.

4 drum synth modules
5 drum sample synth modules
1 bass synth module
Kick, snare, hihat and percussion1 are drumsynth modules that each include imbedded samples for layering
The 2nd percussion drum is a dedicated imbedded sample synth with it’s own Wavlayer for layering with user samples
2 16-step pattern sequencers for each module
Automatic beat matching functions for each sequencer
2 accent switches for each sequencer(for gain, reverse, glide, glitch etc.)
2 velocity grids for each sequencer(for pitch, level, filter, glitch rate etc.)
4 types of random probability for each sequencer
Each sequencer has independant control of speed, direction, length, etc.
Host sync
MIDI options for triggering each sequencer
Each drum sequencer can be assigned to be triggered by a seperate key
Bass sequencer can be assigned to different octave ranges
Polyphonic option for all synths as well bass sequencer
Volume/Panning vectors
Onboard drum mixer
Mute/solo switches for each module
Patch randomization for each module
Multiple audio outputs (channels 1-6)
32 presets