DrumBox XE: techno drum vst free

DrumBox XE is a techno drum vst free. Techno music has become widely spread through the music world. The touch of digital music has made techno music unique and different from the other genres of music. The characteristic of techno music is the drum beat characters. The techno drum characters resembles the power of electronic drumming, far from being acoustic.

When you are running a project of making electronic music dubstep for techno music, you may need an instrument vst plugin to help you. Of course there are various techno drum vsts, but you are always have the free choice. There, you could consider using DrumBox XE that is a 12 Pad trigger drum kit. This techno drum vst free is developed by Hackl. (you may want to check another drum developed by the same vst developer: DrumBox LM).

Features of DrumBox XE: techno drum vst free

  • 12 Pads.
  • 149 drum-samples.
  • One Techno preset.
  • Reverb and Filter.
  • MIDI learn.

Note: it’s possible that if you want to open a preset file, the file dialog has a wrong path. The samples and presets are all in the folder where DrumBoxXE is installed. This techno drum free vst is developed for windows operating system users, so if the techno drum preset file is unable to be loaded, you can do a hack on the windows explorer. It’s usually in the directory of program file in C:/

DrumBox XE.zip