Raspier: Free Vst Bass

Raspier is a bass synthetizer. This free bass vst plugin comes with quite complete settings. The first top setting is the Response Curve which offers three kinds of settings namely exponentials. You can also adjust the Band Range. The knobs resembles real bass knobs including Decay, Release, Tone, Pitch Bend, Portamento, and Ride.

Raspier: Free Vst Bass

This free bass vst instrument supports advanced options in which electronic music makers like you can play along with the LFO, Master, and Filter. In LFO part, you can activate or inactivate the LFO. The indicator is the red light indicating ON or activated. You can also adjust the bass pitch.

The Filter settings of this free vsti bass have knobs with modes like Smooth, Cut, Bandwidth, Gain, Shape, limit, Decay, Band1 and band 2, and input 1 and input 2.

The Master settings are simple graphic equalizer for Low Mid and High. If you like distortion effect for your bass then you can rely on this free bass vst too as there is a Drive knob. If you like a double sound then you can use Oktave. To play more with the sound, you can set the volume and the fine tunes.

This free bass guitar vst shows itself with real electric bass look and it can be used as free bass vst for fl studio. Certainly, you can use this in fl studio. I have tried once and it worked well and nicely.

E-bass, acoustic sound, leads, slap and ring tones… Uses modulation from the phase distortion oscillator as pick on guitar body. There are also two shape selectors.

  • LFO – 2 sine oscillators, and envelope.
  • Filter – Apart from master SV filter, there are optional Distortion, * Smooth and Comparator filters.
  • Over 40 presets.

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