Podolski is a straightforward virtual analogue synthesizer featuring a flexible arpeggiator / step sequencer plus delay and chorus effects.

Originally a FilterscapeVA spin-off made for a major German music-tech magazine and now freeware, Podolski can sound exceptionally smooth for a synthesizer of its vintage – or exceptionally gritty !

  • Oscillator – the Warp and Invert functions can be used to create many different waveforms, including (of course) the classic sawtooth, triangle and pulse / PWM
  • Envelope – only one envelope here, but Gate can be used for the amplifier instead
  • 2 LFOs – one global (i.e. for all voices) and one per voice
  • Filter – classic Lowpass, Bandpass or Highpass with extra parameters Drive, Click (impulse at Note On) and AutoFM (bipolar frequency modulation from the oscillator)
  • Arpeggiator – combined arpeggiator, step sequencer and modulator, like in Zebra2
  • 2 effects – stereo delay and chorus / flanger with feedback
  • Resizable GUI – also 3 alternative skins