Surya is a string synthesizer. This string synthesizer vst is a string synthesizer software or string synthesizer plugin, or string synthesizer samples, or string synthesizer app. Surya, in my opinion is one of the best string synthesizer.

If you happen to need to use string bass synthesizer or guitar string synthesizer, you can also use this string ensemble synthesizer. This produces vintage string synthesizer like yamaha string synthesizer.

Features of Surya Sting Synthesizer by samsara cycle audio:

Surya string synthesizer vst plugin developed by samsara cycle audio supports you with various options:

  • Main strings, level, octave, tune, and filter type like low pass, and so on.
  • Filter envelope with attack, decay, sustain, release, and amount. You can also play with cut off, resonance, and glissando.
  • Pizzicato, sforzando, and folter envelope.
  • Wheels with bend and expression.
  • Sync with host off, delay, speed, and depth. It also uses waveform like triangle and then boosted with bias, track, and smooth. You can set the sync time and also LFO.
  • Assign with midi channel, and adjust the velocity.

other analog string synthesizer and this free string synthesizer download are solina string ensemble synthesizer, elka string synthesizer, eminent string synthesizer, and arp solina string ensemble synthesizer. The other is arp string synthesizer vst.

Also worth reading when working with String Synthesizer vst plugin:

Want to use it soon? here is the download link.