SF2 / WAV Archive


The easy way to share your samples in a VSTi plugin ! This sampler allows to change the background, so you can use your own logo on it making easy the redistribution of samples, sound banks, etc.


Morpheus is a velocity sensitive FM sampler with 2-pole multimode filter. User can use any individual wave sample as modulator and other one as carrier signal. Its concept is very simple but it can produce a wide


Memory is an effect which allows you to sample and remix your beats or other material on the fly. It works by allowing you to loop the input it recieves and also change the length of the


KX SF2 is a soundfont player advanced and complete. KX SF2 KX_SF2.zip Stereo output


KRM-SFP is a simple Soundfont Player. It has similar layout to SarteXT, but the standard OSC’s are replaced with SF2 OSC’s. 2 diff soundfonts can be loaded/palyed at once. Again, each SF2-OSC has its own VCF/Filt Aenv/Amp


Soundfont Player with microtuning. Here you are another soundfont vst that will complete your vst collection. If you want to download soundfont player, consider trying this soundfont vst plugin. With its simple design, it provides you with


InstantSampler is a realtime recording sampler. The plugin could be named “audio copy-paster” or “snippet looper”, but I choose to call it InstantSampler because it does what a simple ‘normal’ sampler does (playing audio fragments by MIDI


HS9 is a hi-hat cymbal sampler. HS9 hs9.zip 2 stereo samplers. Mute group. Pitch control. 2 envelope types for each part. Decay control for each part. Level balance control. 8bit/16bit wav format file support. midi CC support.


Helios is a sampler unit, intended to explore the creative side of sampling and not really meant to replace full-fledged samplers. Rather regard it as a fun and wicked live performance tool 🙂 It can load a


Grace is a sampler featuring advanced controls. Grace setup_grace_32.zip setup_grace_64.zip 2 filters per voice (LP, BP, HP, comb, lofi & ring modulation). 2 x AHDSR envelopes. 2 x LFOs. 2 x step sequencers. 4 x XY control