Wavetable Archive


3 layers waveforms synthesizer. ZitH ZitH.zip 3 Layers (53 waveforms). Octave select, ADSR. 3 Advanced LFO (multiple outs). Advanced Filter. Effects (Space, delay, flanger). Arpeggiator. Assignable Automation Capability.


Waveform is a simple wave table synth and was created for making more organic (organ,ep) tones. Waveform Waveform.zip 2 wave tables ADSR Amp envelope ADSR Filter envelope LFO Fliter control


Voyager is a 4 oscillator subtractive synth. Voyager voyager.zip 4 Band limited oscillators (mipmapped wavetable) Hard Sync/FM capable and “mirror” oscillator in each one to create PWM effects 2 LFOs 2 Filters with 2 different waveshapers (sine/tan)

UltraSwamp Free

UltraSwamp is powered by 2 PCM wave oscillators (SF2 based) as primary sound-sources and two secondary sound-sources: Timbremodulator for applying some upper harmonics in a very unique way, and Ringmodulator generating the sum and difference of the

Tunefish 4

Tunefish 4 is an additive / wavetable synth. Tunefish 4 was developed as a smaller replacement of Tunefish 3 with roughly the same power, it is however not compatible and uses different synthesis algorithms. It was developed


Opulent Audio’s 2 OscMonophonic Monster ! Tenacity Tenacity.zip Two sample-based oscillators with 35 available waveforms. Each oscillator has it’s own tempo-synced rhythmic gate, waveshaping, bitrate (4, 8, 16, or 24 bit) and tuning (octave, semitone, and fine).


Syncoder 32 is a 32-Band Frequency Synthesizer andVocoder VSTi. Syncoder syncoder.zip Multi-Band Frequency Synthesizer and Vocoder Engine. 32 Frequency rich carrier waveforms. 32 Filter program settings. 32 Band Maximum Vocoder Engine. 32 Band Compressors with frequency tracking.

Swamp XT

Swamp XT is a timbre modulation synthesizer. It can create unique sounds from clear & harsh metallic sequenced sounds to soft & wide modulated Pads. This is achieved by modulating the timbre on the oscillator level. Swamp


Swamp is a timbre modulation synthesizer. This being achieved by processing each oscillator’s waveform in a very unique way. The result is frequencies are moved to more mid and high ranges – enriching the sound even with


Steam uses prepared wav files in a similar manner to some Waldorf and Ensoniq synthesizers. I have been told that the header data for the wav files is written incorrectly (perhaps due to the free wav editor