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Kern Polyphonic Synthesizer for Windows

Full Bucket Music has released Kern, a free VST 2.4 polyphonic software synthesizer plug-in for Windows (both 32 and 64-bit) designed to run with and to be fully controlled by modern MIDI keyboard controllers like the Novation

Arido 3.2 Polyphonic Synthesizer

Arido is an additive synthesizer with a simple FM feature and a subtractive filter. It includes a polyphonic driver to generate variety of timbres. That is, a distorter that works on each note separately. This synth allows make


A clone Juno VST instrument. Inspired by Roland’s masterpiece from the past. Who is on retro and vintage sound here is absolutely right. Yonu60 1 DCO, with LFO and PWM + 1 sub, sub / noise

vintage bass o1

A little dirty bass-synth with following facts: vintage bass o1 2 Osc with 14 waves oct-tune – mix and clipper Low-and-Band-Passfilter A-D-EG -LFO Monomode and Portamento Double-delay ADSR-VCA 32 Patches 6 voices 2 Banks a 16

Transcendental 2000

Transcendental 2000 is based on the Powertran Transcendent 2000, a diy kit synthesizer from 1978. The front panel is a replica of the original except for the program manager and the page buttons on the right. Being

Trance Zone Retro LE

Trance Zone Retro LE is a recreation of those old classic Super Saw synthesizers. TZR-01 (light edition) is simple to program and has all the synth programming parameters on the front panel. Tweak one of the 5


TN-5 is modeled onthe Yamaha CS-5 vintage synthesizer. The download contains a vst instrument and a vst effect to take advantage of its external input. It contains also a standalone version. TN-5

Tethys 2

Tethys 2 is based around the architecture of the PAiA Proteus 1 (not the EMU’s expander !). The effects from right to left are Phaser, Chorus and Echo these are fairly standard but follow the Tethys ethos

TB Strip

This VSTi plug-in is a simplified emulation of a Roland TB-303. We stripped it from its (now useless) sequencer, leaving only the sound controls on and we added a juicy drive button (just for fun!). The synthesizer


The U-NO-62 vst plugin is a polyphonic virtual analogue synth with a unique filter sound. An original JUNO 62 is used as reference for the oscillators and filters. Like the original, the plugin is capable of self-resonance