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Zebralette is a hybrid synth. Zebralette has two LFOs (one per voice, one global), a multi-stage envelope and three on-board effects (chorus, EQ, delay). Not forgetting Zebra2’s famous dual spectral effects, which include several squelchy filter algorithms.


Zap is a unique mini-synthesiser controlled by incoming audio. It starts with an envelope follower that tracks the peak energy of the sound and then applies it onto the frequency of a monophonic oscillator. With three different


YAVA3 is a synth designed for big pads and weird sound effects plus rasping leads. This synth is built for the experimenters… Most of its power lies in the huge modulation matrix. YAVA3 yava.zip Incoming search terms:yava3


Experimental additive synths. XXX XXX.zip Filter osc. 1 LFO (osc controlled). 3 LFO assignables. Incoming search terms:zoouaaaccordingpeladditionalucbafraiddabafterjm7

XtrudeR M

XtrudeR M, experimental synth. Some complex new brand morph oscillators (AM+FM+Sync), some filter matrix presets and selectable envelope decay speed. This new synth is a new experiment with some power solutions. It’s in beta stage. XtrudeR M


XenFont is a two oscillator, hybrid SF2 SoundFont & Subtractive Synthesis. This VSTi features full-controller MIDI Pitch Microtuning using the MTS (MIDI Tuning Standard) format, where any MIDI Note Number can be freely microtuned to any desired

WS 2

GTG WS 2. Hybrid synth. WS 2 WS_2.zip Waveshaper and Phase Modulation Oscillator. Tempo sync LFO. Mod Envelope. Joystick Controller. Incoming search terms:wildwcc


Whistler produces its sound by sending random noise through resonating bandpass filters. The notes you play control the filter’s cutoff freqency. Whistler features overdrive-style distortion, tempo-synced echo and 8-bit style retro noise mode. Whistler whistler.zip Incoming search


VowelSynth is a plugin synth for creating vowel-like formant-filtered sounds.


Voctopus is an 8 band vocoder / synth. 8 Band filter bank with attack, decay and extra carrier gain Seperate modulator and carrier multi-filters Fully playable and automatable on-board synth Oscillators 2 x dual oscillator with dual