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Xenharmonic FMTS

Xenharmonic FMTS is a 4 Operator FM Synthesis VSTi with a specialized set of features for musicians interested in exploring the expressive possibilities of microtonal and xenharmonic music making. Microtuning Features: Internally loads and externally receives both MTS

Xen-FMTS 2

Xen-FMTS 2 is a 4 Operator FM Synthesis VSTi with a specialized set of features for computer musicians interested in exploring the vast expressive possibilities of making music with alternative intonation systems. It includes 115 patches, 55


VX7 is a 6 operators FM synthesizer. It can import DX7 patch and SY77 data. VX7 Incoming search terms:fl studio dholki pack zip free downloadomnisphere vst zipdholki monster pack zipdholki pack zip filenexus plugin free download


VOPM is an emulation of the Yamaha YM2151 (OPM) 4 operator FM sound chip. VOPM VOPM-mac.gz Yamaha YM2151 (OPM) 4 operator FM sound chip emulation. Supports MIDI CCs. Incoming search terms:VOPM mac


A Frequency Modulation synth with 8 fuzzy, gnarly, skanky presets. Use this synth to put some gin in your tonic. Synthipop 2 Oscillators (carrier + modulator) with 7 waveforms each 2 VCA envelopes Moog type filter


Six is a 6 operator FM synth, incorporating the 32 DX7 algorithms. Six Every Operator has a fine tune and octave from -6 to 3. Also pulse width. The fine tune can be reset on every


Single FM Modulator/Carrier Oscillator synth. Sinthecyza! 12db SV Filter with Key Follow and Adjustable LP/BP Output 4 Patchable HAHDSR Envelope Generators with LFO Controlled Level and Triggering. LFOs with Phase Portmento


Shimmerbox is a simple FM synth. It has a stereo sound. Knobs respond to MIDI controllers 20-27. Shimmerbox


rEceptor is the FM synthesizer. It has 6 oscillators and one soundfont oscillator as the operator of FM synthesis. This function makes it possible to complicated synthesize like a RCM of YAMAHA SY77/SY99/TG77. This synthesizer uses a


Purple is a 4 operator FM synth. Purple 4 Operators with 8 routings. 1 curve option for all Operators. 2 filters with the same envelopes, negative / positive option, curves, cutoff and resonance. Filter types: lowpass,