Category SYNTHS


This synger-derived algorithmic vocalist uses a reduced phoneme set inspired by polynesian languages. Xchanter uses Lance Putnam’s henon oscillator (orbit modeling) sep. This is a very old VST, as of 2008 I still hear of it being used.


Woo is a vocal theremin where you control the pitch and vowel sound using the mouse in the big screen. Clicking the screen starts the sound (you can also use it as an effect where it acts as a vowel…


Wind emulates… wind. Several groups of modulators are applied to a bank of bandpass filters for this emulation.


Taking the original Theremin like Hooo plug that was occasionaly available and giving it a new lease of life. This plug is designed for experimentation and so has no presets but does have room to store 16 of your own.…


Wavemaxos was created to make fat sounds and heavy noises. It supposed to be a monophonic vsti but you can ceate interesting sounds while pressing two or some keys at time. It is suitable to create sound effect to put…