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All your old video game systems, fried by lightning. Yep, that’s what happens when you skimp on the surge protector. Bitboy BITBOY.ZIP Incoming search terms:bitboybitboy -jackdark vst free

basic 65

basic 65 is a monophonic synth, inspired by the classic 80s home computer, the Commodore 64 and its legendary SID chip. Building on the waveforms and signal path of this famous chip, basic 65 adds further features

basic 64

basic 64 is inspired by the 8 bit sounds of the classic Commodore 64. It’s not a straight emulation, but is based around the SID chip with some extras for that 8-bit retro game sound, lofi gritty

Baby Piano

Free VSTi made by Jason Morin with the Maize Sampler. Contains the natural samples of my Baby Piano free sample set. The Baby Piano is a Chinese Toy Piano. I found it at a flea market and


Aegis VST is inspired by the old Amiga Sonix synth. Main features are the Drawable Oscillator and LFO waveforms, and a special type of Phase Distortion. Aegis Aegis.zip 1 Drawable Oscillator. (128 samples). 1 Drawable LFO, that can

8bit synth

8bit synth is an emulation of the Famicom / NES  psg sounds. Incoming search terms:earo9bhttps://yandex ru/clck/jsredir?from=yandex ru;search;web;;&text=&etext=1830 0f0rCvk7cmguVRdOBkM4Y0kPN5TVPPur7bUymUOuYmWhbPKc1yL0aK8g1fkTUVPL e243e589fc5d100c004b84521cbcd66fbd9bd5fc&uuid=&state=_BLhILn4SxNIvvL0W45KSic66uCIg23qh8iRG98qeIXme


7129 produces cheap toy sounds. This VSTi can’t be played by MIDI, trigger the GUI buttons to produce sounds. 7129 7129.zip

38911 Bytes

38911 Bytes is based on Commodore 64 software but it can do a lot more. 38911 Bytes 38911_Bytes.zip 1 oscillator synth with 4 waveforms (saw, triangle, pulse and pitch noise). Also PulseWidth “noise cutoff” and “noise level” and