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VL-122 virtually reproduces the vintage electro-mechanic spinet organ Hammond L-122. The sound engine of the VL-122 is a physical modelling emulation of the real electro-mechanic generators (tone-wheels), drawbars, filters and effects (vibrato and reverb) that compose the original instrument. Moreover,…


Free VSTi made by Jason Morin with the Maize Sampler.Contains samples from the Supertone reed organ that is part of my Reed Organs sample set. I recorded it with 2 different microphones including a shotgun mic, the samples in the…


S3O is a drawbar organ designed to offer something different from the normal hammond emulators. It is designed to create Church Organs, Power Organs and Electronic Organs, in fact any type of Organ that you can imagine.


Phibes electric organ tries to capture the sound of those sweet sixties organs. It is definitely no Hammond B3 or Vox Continental but rather some obscure and cheap east-european imitation of them. 9 drawbars with five different tones vibrato tremolo…


Classical tonewheel organ emulator. Can produce «analog» and «digital» sound. 9 drawbars Rotary cabinet emulation Keyboard «click» emulation Internal reverb Octave shift Digital/analog modes

Organ One

Organ One is a 16 voice virtual organ. Simple to use, but capable of producing a large variety of high quality organ-sounds. 16 voice polyphony 2 oscillators/9 draw bars in each voice Several mixing modes including Ringmodulation LFO with 8…

Oddly Organ

Oddly organ is a percussion organ. EQ adsrs for filter and volume Distortion tremolo chorus and rotate fx Simple EQ ADSR for Filters and Volume Tracking Cutoff and Resonance Key Click effect.Retrigger Glide and Mono mode

Morphiza Mk2

An update to the original and popular Morphiza. This version is a cousin to S3O. Designed to capture the sounds of the transistor organs of the 60s and 70s. Comes complete with 16 presets but the interface makes it very…