Music Box

Music Box is a 19th century automatic musical instrument. Beautiful music box sound. No parameters! Just a little toy.

That is what the developer said about Music Box. According to the maker, this free vst plugin is just like a toy. There is no settings. For most people, this app may sound trivial, but for creative music makers, especially those who fancy digital music, this funny sound free vst plugin can produce a great digital modern music using its trivial toy effect.

Believe it or not, you may have heard nowadays typical musics. Musics arrangements and compositions nowadays implement strange sounds that eventually become colorfully loaded music and they are pretty good to listen.

EDM music is the most well known for this account.

Modern music tends to deliver energetic mood, does this free vst plugin music box only be used for fun music? Absolutely not!

This can be used to accompany sad and dramatic music.

Whatever other people comment on the drawback of this free vst plugin, in the hand of creative musician, this is exceptionally important.

You can use this plugin in major daw. Fl studio supports this plugin. so, feel free to experiment with your musical project.