Ableton Live Racks Free Mixing and Mastering Tools from Abletunes

Mixing and mastering have been the best friends of all music producers. When it comes to mixing and mastering, you will always rely and try to find the best mastering and mixing tools you can use for free. Ableton is one of the best players in this field. This wonderful plugin comes with effect racks combined with macro controls that enable you to work more flexibly with key parameters.

Here are what This great Mixing and Mastering tools from Ableton Live Racks:

  1. Those who love EDM, this plugin is a happy news. The compressor and limiter are designed particularly for them. The maximizer really works well with EDM music makers.
  2. If you want to add weight and body to your instrument, especially the bass, the bass body booster really helps.
  3. The best part is that it is not only for the bass body booster, it also works with the synths and leads.
  4. If you want to make sharp and crisp for your sounds, you can use high booster for the synthesising.
  5. You can also control the stereo width for each band by using imager, a multiband stereo widening and narrowing rack.
  6. Easy EQ enables you to do simple and smart mastering EQ that you can tune upto more than one frequency regions. Whenever there is a problem with frequencies during the mixing process, you can rely on the specific settings to deal with the problems.
  7. Controlling bass instruments in your mixing project can be done simply by controlling low-end but to accomplish this, you may require additional tools like external speakers so that you can monitor how good the bass response is and that you can determine the effect to add into.
  8. the low, mid, and high frequencies of each instrument can be enhanced using exciter. This racks is also for enhancing the whole mix.

You may need additional task for the installation. But it is just a matter of several clicks. Here is how:


Simply drag and drop each *.adg file into MIDI/Audio track in Ableton or copy them to:


{user name}/Library/Application Support/Ableton/Library/Presets/Audio Effects/Audio Effect Rack


C:\Users\{user name}\Documents\Ableton\User Library\Presets\Audio Effects\Audio Effect Rack

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