Piamo: Realistic virtual piano vsti free

Realistic virtual piano vsti free Piamo is an elementarily modeled virtual piano. It provides variable performance timbrality in a gentle emulation. By looking at the appearance, this Realistic virtual piano vsti free plugin is divided into 7 parts. The first part is called Hammer, the second part is named Soundboard + Body, the third box is String, the fourth is amp which may mean amplifier, the next little division is the oct that may mean octave, next is the LFO settings, and the last is Panning. 

Important detailed parts of Realistic virtual piano vsti free PIAMO:

Lets talk more on the detail of each part. The first is th Hammer. This part of free vst piano settings might be the center of all. You can adjust the track with the curve knob. Next is the hammer itself. there are also decay and trans. If you want the sound do not sustain more the you can have the damp setting like those in electric guitar vst. When you think that the sound is not really loud, and that you need more, you can adjust the velocity.

The next box is the soundboard. Actually I do not really know the use of this part, but after several trial and error with this Realistic virtual piano vsti free PIAMO, I can get the difference. The size of the soundboard equalizer represents how wide the piano tube is, so setting up this channel would really affect how the piano sounds. Still related to volume, you get the Gain equalizer and edit further with the tone, and the string amp. I can say that the settings are rather complex for the fact that this is actually a Realistic virtual piano vsti free. Still in this box, you get also the pre amp setting with LP and HP. More, you get cabinet gain and amplifier. That are all configuring the soundboard. Many settings already, but this is not done yet. What about the Strings? here we go:

The strings part allow you to virtually modify the strings of the piano. This Realistic virtual piano vsti free comes with Detune equalizer which control and affect the position and the coupling. You can also arrange the sounds into 4 pole in order to make the string wave stiff.

This Realistic virtual piano vsti free completed it self with virtual amplifier where you can modify and customize the velocity for low and range which is further balanced with Rel and Amp.

Some times, single sound seems flat and not cool, and therefore you need it doubled. You can do the doubling sound using this Realistic virtual piano vsti free too. That is the octave knob which is alone in the left bottom corner.

To deal with some unwanted wave signal which may disturb the piano sound output, you are free to remade the signal using LFO in which you can edit more advanced with the phase, sync, rate, bias, amt, and dest with the picth.

The last, but not least is the Panning which you will use in the mixing process to get better sound position in the ear. NExt, you can download this free vst and enjoy making digital music.