Random MIDI Auto Random Arranger

Random MIDI Arranger is a stand-alone Windows based program that can generate random MIDI songs at the click of a single button. It uses a combination of preset MIDI clips and sets of rules called ‘Manipulators’ to generate each instrument track. It also features a ‘Render Engine’ which determines song structure, track density, repetitions, tempo, etc. The results can then be exported to a MIDI file for further editing.

Features include in Random MIDI Auto Random Arranger:

  • Randomly generate entire songs in about 1 second with the click of a single ‘Auto Randomize Song’ button.
  • Program uses ‘Manipulators’ to modify preset MIDI data using various techniques.
  • Preset file containing MIDI Clips and Manipulators can be edited as if it were a regular .RMA song file. Just drag-n-drop into program to open it.
  • User can create and edit Manipulators containing sets of up to 10 rules to define their behavior.
  • Preset Clips and Manipulators can be given a score, which determines how frequently they will be used.
  • Song structure and tempo can be automatically randomized or manually fixed.
  • Each track can be set to randomly choose from selected MIDI channels, allowing different instruments each time a song is generated.
  • Batch import patterns from the legendary Propellerhead Rebirth. Drag-n-drop multiple ‘.rbs’ files into the sequencer to quickly build huge preset files.

Be sure to introduce yourself and provide some feedback on my gradywerks facebook page. I would love to collaborate with others in the future.

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