My First Synth

My First Synth is a simple monophonic synthesizer.

This is my first “practice project” for learning how to make plugins. I’ve made some mistakes while doing it (first of all, started out with a too small GUI size, so it’s all a little ‘stuffed’), but I wanted to finish and ‘release’ it at some point to do new projects, which means I likely won’t revisit it and fix bugs (if any…).

  • Simple mono synth.
  • GUI handmade with love.
  • One osc. with sine, square, triangle, saw to choose from.
  • One filter with resonance (HP, LP, BP to choose from).
  • Osc. has quite a bit of aliasing, this synth is more on the harsh than the lovely side.
  • Modulation: ADSR -> vol., ADSR -> cutoff (positive and negative amount),
  • LFO -> cutoff, LFO -> pitch (LFO’s waveforms sine, square, triangle, saw to choose from).
  • Glide (portamento), working a little strange at higher amounts.
  • Output is hard-limited at -0.5db FS for safety, the filter can get a little loud at high resonance.

I’d still suggest using a limiter after it, just in case it explodes. 😉 Use at your own risk…

Win: recommended to use VST2 version, VST3 version is experimental.
Mac: not sure if AU version works in Logic, can’t test, only tested in Reaper.