The TX16Wx Software Sampler is a simple, yet powerful sampling instrument inspired by various classic hardware samplers from the 80s and 90s, but mainly the excellent Yamaha TX16W sampler as used with the Typhoon operating system.

Many software samplers sport a multitude of features aimed mainly at disk-streaming gigabyte sized preset libraries. The TX16Wx instead aims to bring back some of the joy of working with the classic hardware instruments, using sampling not for playing back pre-built libraries, but instead creating your own new sounds in creative way. Perhaps the biggest reason this software was created though, is that I have yet to find a software sampler, free or otherwise, with both workstation features, and a clear cut, well-documented file format that does not lock the user in to a product forever. The TX16Wx file format is simple XML files and can be translated even by hand in a simple text editor.

TX16Wx can load:
SoundFont 2.
SFZ Files.
Logic EXS.
Akai AKP.
Ogg Vorbis.
Typhoon compressed AIF files.
Original Yamaha OS Wave files.

  • Re-sizable, flexible GUI.
  • Full Undo/Redo support.
  • Built-in file browser with sound playback and wave and program preview.
  • Fully skinnable.
  • Program icons.
  • Unlimited multi-timbral operation.
  • 128 voice polyphony.
  • 6/12/24 dB resonant filters.
  • Low-, high, band- and allpass.
  • Notch, peak, low- and highshelf.
  • Two syncable LFO per voice.
  • Two Modulation Envelopes per voice.
  • Three Sequence LFO per voice.
  • Modulation matrix with 16 modulation slots per voice.
  • Three-way cross modulation (variable modulation strength).
  • Multiple keyboard scales.
  • Multiple trigger modes.
  • Mono/Poly/Legato operation.
  • 8 choke groups per program.
  • Per-sample loop start/end/direction modulation.
  • Polyphonic glide.
  • Polyphony limit per channel.
  • VST micro tuning support.
  • Built-in sample editor.
  • Automatic Loop Slicing + slice mapping.
  • Actually Samples! Record audio straight into the sampler.
  • Automatic pitch detection.
  • Loop tools.
  • Loop cross fading.
  • Multiple loop definitions per wave.
  • Trim, cut, duplicate.
  • Pitch detection.
  • Normalize.
  • Reverse.
  • Tempo detection.
  • Graphical keyboard mapping editor.
  • Automatic sample layout.
  • Flexible drag & drop-based group edit.
  • Quick select of sound data via MIDI.
  • Drag & drop of samples/programs/performances/banks.
  • Multiple outputs: 4 Stereo + 8 Mono outputs.
  • Individual output mapping for key groups.
  • 16 mappable controllers for automation.
  • 128 mappable VST parameters for automation.
  • Preview loaded programs and samples in your song before loading.
  • Reads multiple sample and bank formats.
  • Saves data in DAW project directory.
  • Low CPU usage